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About us

Let us take the hassle out of painting. There is no job is too small.

Brilliant Touch Ups is a Townsville maintenance service focused on keeping painted surfaces free of defects. Our staff are qualified and experienced painters and decorators with an eye for detail and a professional approach. We are capable of restoring any painted surface, reconditioning office spaces, creating unique features, repainting eyesores and so much more.

Brilliant Touch ups and its parent company Brilliant Brush Strokes have worked for over 15 years servicing Townsville and the surrounding communities. The Brilliant Groups have earned a brand that’s synonymous with quality and value.

Brilliant Touch Ups was born from a need to service smaller projects that other painters turn down. Our growing clientele include Body Corp, Real Estate Agencies, Commercial properties, Schools, Hotel and Shopping Centres.

With our help you can:

  • Maintain a professional aesthetic
  • Ensure painted surfaces remain free of defects
  • Avoid need to chase up contractors
  • Rest assure your Touch Ups are being handled brilliantly and professionally
  • Plan and book in future works at a discounted rate